Killing time whilst waiting for the Woot!!!


Hit your head on the keyboard… post your results.





well that was disappointing



I let my nose lead as soon as my forehead did nothing.


You must have a really big head! I’ll try one more time and then I’m going to sleep.

here it is >>>>yhg




Here it is!


you can try posting on each page on the thread like I am


b bn nm nm bvccv num jhv jnmu m m nhjbub hg


Good plan! Now how big does a page get? Or is that a loaded question?


Hi Boxjox.

Pages grow until about 200 pages and then some lucky person gets last post which explains one of these threads.



Head on. Apply directly to the forehead. Head on. Apply directly to the forehead.


niggaz bith hatitude?








Woah (said in a Keanu Reeves kind of way) The meaning of life! Imagine, we could have the most advanced computer running for a long time, we could have millions of monkeys banging away on typewriters, but you have done it with your head.




ill give it a try,

Suppose (M, d) is a metric space. We define a new metric dl on M, known as the induced intrinsic metric, as follows: dl(x,y) is the infimum of the lengths of all paths from x to y. Here, a path from x to y is a continuous map γ : [0,1] → M with γ(0) = x and γ(1) = y. The length of such a path is defined as explained for rectifiable curves. We set dl(x, y) = ∞ if there is no path of finite length from x to y.

If d(x,y) = dl(x,y) for all points x and y in M, we say (M, d) is a length space or a path metric space and the metric d is intrinsic.

We say that the metric d has approximate midpoints if for any ε>0 and any pair of points x, y in M there exists c in M such that d(x,c) and d(c,y) are both smaller than d(x,y)/2 + ε.


Welcome puppysuprise!
Do you speak english, or only Mathematics ?