Kindle (4th Gen) 6" Wi-Fi E-Reader (S&D)


Kindle (4th Gen) 6" Wi-Fi E-Reader (S&D)


@ThunderThighs sorry if you’re not responsible for this, but you’re the only woot employee I know of to tag. Feel free to forward to the lackies or the intern.
There are some Kindle fire pictures mixed in on this item.
Unless the intent is people order and receive some random Kindle from the photos. I didn’t see an option to select a version.


Woot is showing examples of what they mean by “scratch and dent.” The additional photos are captioned to explain what each photo is being used to illustrate.




Oh. Thanks. Late reply, I know. Guess I don’t see picture captions on mobile app.


Yeah, you can see the photos before you tap into the sale detail page - the one with the features and specs. But if you click into that page, the photos have captions. Weird, I know.