Kindle (4th Gen) 6" Wi-Fi E-Reader

Kindle (4th Gen) 6" Wi-Fi E-Reader

Anyone have experience with these? Wife mostly reads on her s9+ so was wondering for $20 if this is worth it for her?

For $20, it’s almost a no-brainer; just wondering about the refurbished aspect. Don’t want to immediately throw said $20 in the trash.

If you have 2 Factor Authentication on for your Amazon Account, you’ll need to call Amazon to link it to your account. First connect your device to wifi and call, hold down the menu button to get to the settings and see your device’s serial number, they will need that to add it to your account an bypass the login.

It requires a manual software update in order to connect it to your Amazon account and make it usable. The first link is where to find the update download and the second link tells you how to do it. It was a headache getting to this point, but once you have this information, it’s a piece of cake. Without the update you cannot connect to your account via WIFI to register the device so it would be useless.

Mine works fine. Well worth $20 to have a backup in case my current one gets destroyed. I LOVE the manual button presses. I am weird and like to read while riding on the back of my husband’s motorcycle and it’s a huge pain in the rear to use touchscreens while bouncing around or with gloves on. This refurbished Kindle works fine, there are 2 blemishes in the screen, but not bad for $20 for a device that may get wet or dropped and ruined.

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So far, so good! We didn’t have to do any sort of update in order to link it to my Amazon account. My son found a couple of books on his own from the Kindle itself, then I even looked up a couple of classics and added those from my end. I didn’t realize the screen would be so dark (this is my first experience with e-ink), but it doesn’t seem to be an issue for him.

Got one with some permanently-darkened pixels. Submitted trouble ticket to Woot, and they sent me a second one, no return requested. Sadly, the second also has a few bad pixels. Living with it.