Kindle (4th Gen) Wi-Fi E-Reader

Uh, “Refurbished” does not mean “used, acceptable” You should say “Used, Acceptable” [to you]

Hope buyers have better luck with these than the Kindle PaperWhites I just purchased on here a few days ago. Wasn’t able to register them and when I contacted Amazon Kindle support they said the serial numbers didn’t exist and since I didn’t buy them DIRECTLY from Amazon they were unable to help me and I should contact Woot. TT, I have a customer support e-mail in already but I am guessing the best I will get from this is a refund.

Edit: After a 90 minute chat with Amazon with 3 different levels of help, the issue is that the firmware is so out of date it will not register. Came with 5.3.4, needed to update to Any issues with these check for firmware updates.

phamchad, I came here to post basically the same thing. I was lucky though, I found an article online telling me why registration kept failing.

When a company refurbishes electronics, they should update the OS to the most recent version. Biggest disappointment in my purchases from Woot so far.

I’ll likely miss this round of these before they sell out, but are these any good? 23 (actually 28) bucks, hmmm.

Is it worth spending a few more bucks to go higher up the product line?

Use case: unglamorous, but durable, long battery life, PDF reference document storage for the bug out bag.

I received this instead of the 3rd gen. I really wanted the keyboard and audio with the 3.
I had the same update issue. It’s actually quite simple. Amazon has pages set up to do it, then it worked just fine. I did call tech support for help. I didn’t have time to walk thru everything with him, I just got a push in the right direction.
I love it. I bought for my daughter, but I am testing it by reading one book. The portability is awesome. Perhaps this is the answer to my concerns of the ceiling fall down from too many books :slight_smile:
I tested a purchase from Amazon and a rental from my library. The download is instantaneous.
I still wish I had the 3 gen. But this is a pleasant surprise.

Are these color or grayscale?


It appears that the exact same one is available on Amazon for a lower cost if you have prime. If it is the same one, then this isn’t much of a deal. That is unfortunate because it erodes my faith in this site.

Bad spot on screen & could not register device


I wonder what these guys think is acceptable!?!?? NO viable QC!

WOOT / AMAZON - Get out of the poor QC refurb business before it hurts you!

Oh no! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

Kindle would not connect to Kindle account until it was updated to version 4.13 (arrived at 4.11). After that, it’s working perfectly.

See: for Amazon’s update instructions.