Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device

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Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device with Free Global 3G
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Arrives by Christmas…$5 overnight shipping?

why would you buy a refurbed old version for $200 when you can get a brand new shiny kindle fire for the same price and free shipping??? Why woot, why?

Can you believe it?

The price is great. The Kindle is large (good and bad points), and it’s fairly heavy.

Reviews here:

Have the regular Kindle and I love it! This is a total steal for $199 and overnight shipping!

At that price, do you want a large size Kindle reader or a Kindle Fire?

How many books come with this?

Remove Emily Dic****kinson from this thing and you’ve got yourself a deal, woot.

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Wha–what is this madness?! An electronic Woot product with no creepy-insane-madly-laughing-like-a-raging-maniac-pink-haired mannequin-head picture?! WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY WOOT?!

Video Review from 2009 I think it was a paid for ad… lol

Video Review from 2010

CNET Review from 2011

Anyone want to teleport to a couple weeks from now for a 2012 review???


Total brain fart. My hopes are dashed.

Please note, this uses Kindle OS V2 and as such does not get V3 features such as WebKit based browser - that means, one that is actually usable. *

No technical reason amazon couldn’t have backported K3 OS to the DX and Kindle 2 - Kindle 3 is the exact same hardware with a hair more RAM and flash. Bit of a dick move, really.

  • a third party has backported the K3 OS, but it requires a working K3 to actually install legally (or something like that). Otherwise, best to my knowledge, all functionality is intact in such an install.

…hmm, let’s see ~

  1. kindle fire NEW is $199.00 (free ship) AND is a TABLET!

  2. kindle dx re-tinker is $199.00 ($5.00 ship)

  3. ipad 2 just WAY too much…

okay, BIG duh on what to get?

Really now? Are people really trying to compare a 10" kindle e-ink reader with a 6" e-ink kindle and a color lcd kindle fire tablet?


Why not compare it to some refurb HP laptops while you’re at it?

WOW! You can tell this is an Amazon-owned site. Did you get a load of the length of the description on this thing!?