Kindle Fire 7" 8GB Tablet (1st Gen)

**Item: **Kindle Fire 7" 8GB Tablet (1st Gen)
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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7/17/2013 - $99.99 (Woot-off) - 21 comment(s)

7/23/2013 - $99.99 (Woot Plus)

Noooo the BOC’s must be over :frowning:

No BOC? is this a sign?

if you research it, you can see that many times, this same item is available for about $20 less…

I means the link is going to be hidden inside one of their promotions. so you need to scan every page to find it. hence, no B0C woot bot launches.

The first gen is notoriously laggy. Luckily, it’s easily rooted. I rooted mine years ago, and loaded Android 4.2.2, works like a dream… or at least a much better tablet.

Define “in one of their promotions”? Are you talking like the woot!plus? or could it be in any section other than deals? or anywhere in general?

Does anyone know if you still get one free kindle book download per month if you don’t buy directly from Amazon?

I think if you’re a member of Amazon prime that is true. But you don’t get to keep the book, you only get one at a time, and they’re limited to a selection.

Yes you do, if you have Prime. You can borrow one book at a time each month and keep it as long as you like. But it is not available for every book.

I think you are thinking of the Kindle Owners Lending Library. If you own a Kindle and are an Amazon Prime member you can “borrow” a book a month.

At 5:24pm EST, a link will appear hidden behind a picture of a monkeyon the lower left quadrant of the page which will lead you to a portal of terror beyond which there is no return. You will then be redirected to the B0C page only to find it is sold out.

that is my prediction… or it will be the next item. or the one after that.

Who knows? Only the shadow and thunder thighs knows.

meh. i am looking for the paperwhite! please!!!

I rant into an issue yesterday that makes the kindle fire better than the noob imo.

I rented some textbooks online through amazon, but one was only on b&n. so i sideloaded the nook app on the fire (surprisingly easy), and rented it from b&n. turns out you can only view nook textbooks on nookstudy which is only available on PC and Mac desktop.

I have never had this issue with amazon and their kindle or kindle app. geesh. Who would actually want a portable textbook? #sarcasm#

i went and looked back at the previous Bangles of Cankles, and it looked like only 1 person got it. Are they really that cheap now that its going to be 1 Bangos of Chaos per gigantic group of hopefuls?

Does this kindle contain ads, or I it the no ads version?

I have had 3-4 in my time, but they were in the first few years when woot was a maverick. I still check, but it is inevitable with popularity. It is like the restaurant that isn’t as good when everyone finds out about it. no offense woot.

this looks like the kindle fire 1, which i have. they didn’t have an option for ads on those.

I was doing some checking. I would get yourself a film protector with these.

Our household has 3 and still work great. My kids use this case which works well:

I have this one and it looks very business like