Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 32GB Tablet

“Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers”

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Not a bad buy given that new it goes for $299. This would be a great deal if it was for the HDX model since the HD model is now obsolete. I upgraded from an HD to the HDX last year and there is a world of difference in performance.

TONS of information over at and solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon

I’ve had a Fire since gen 1. Gen 3 is really nice but this (Gen 2) model is pretty great too. You will NEVER notice the special offer/screensaver thing except when you unlock it. It’s not like using a pc where the screensaver runs and you notice it. One swipe and the ad is gone. If you truly hate that horrible burden you can pay Amazon another 20 bucks or so to have that removed. But in all honesty the ads are simply not a big deal. You spend 100% of your time with this device reading, playing games or watching movies/TV shows. It helps to have a Prime sub if you own a Fire. You can watch shows in HD that are not offered on PC which is actually a legit gripe for me. If you have Prime you need a Kindle Fire to get the most out of it. Happy reading!

You can opt out of the special offers from the “Manage Your Kindle” page on Amazon. Just a thought.

It’s not really that big of a deal, Pass. The ads literally only show up when the device is sleeping. It’s occasionally useful, too, I like the alerts on Amazon sales.

Also, you can disable that on Amazon’s website after you’ve registered the Kindle for $20. (Manage Your Kindle >> Manage Your Devices >> Special Offers >> Unsubscribe.)

I’m pondering. Right now, my #firstworldproblems is that I can’t do other things on my Fire when I’m watching Netflix.

1920x1200 on an small 8.9" screen … dang, that sounds sharp. Too bad it doesn’t have a rear camera (which I use quite a bit), GPS or removable memory.

Make sure you understand the limitations of the HD model. Zero expansion capability, unless you’re willing to invest in an external wifi hard drive. Tack on a couple hundred bucks for that.
Also, the Silk browser is pretty horrible, but you’ll have to side load any other one, since Amazon only wants you to use theirs.
The video quality is pretty great, but that’s all it’s really good for, IMHO, is as a media entertainment tablet. Just not enough horsepower for day to day use (for me, at least).

Great for seniors. I purchased one for my 75 year old father and he “gets” it. An iPad was too much machine for email and youtube, so this fit the bill nicely. Plus their kindle support can’t be beat, a live person every time, in 2 rings. Takes the IT issues away from me.

This comes with a one year Kindle warranty but you can also get a one year ST warranty for $32. Anyone know why,if it’s covered by Kindle you would need the ST warranty

I had read a review that stated the newer models no longer came with the dolby speakers. Can anyone comment???

I like that this model has those speakers since the only time I get to have my kindle is A) if my kids are in bed or B) if I fight them kicking and screaming for it. Otherwise, they have it to watch Amazon Prime.

Can this be rooted and different ROM installed?

Is this refurbished and certified by Amazon?

[MOD: It is Amazon Certified Refurbished.]

That review is incorrect. The new 2013 Amazon tablets have Dolby Digital Plus sound.

Condition Amazon Certified Refurbished

Yes. If you do a web search on kindle fire hd 8.9 root, you’ll find quite a few sites providing instructions.

If you have difficulty with rooting, N2A has some software that will do it for you for $20. I bought it and used it on three Kindle Fire Gen 1s that I couldn’t figure out how to root.

That being said I would not recommend ANY Kindle tablets anymore (used to love my Fires when they first came out) because of the software locks. Will not work with Chromecast, Google Drive, or any Google services really.

It’s quite a shame because the only loser here will be Amazon because no one’s going to be buying their tablets. I immediately returned my HDX 8.9" and got a Nexus 10.

But, if you want the cheap tablet, buy it and root it with N2A or by yourself. No more ads and it will run Android 4.4.

IMHO,unboxing videos are right up there with watching paint dry.

Maybe we can call these schemes “AdPads?” Or has it already been done?