Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE Tablet

Check out this “excellent” review over at cnet and TONS of solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon


Check out this review over at engadget

Hmm. I have amazon prime, and will for at least another year, and my (first gen, also refurbished) Kindle Fire lasted just over a year before it developed charging issues, so this is probably a good deal for me.

Also, these prices are comparable to the wifi-only refurb prices on amazon proper. Does anyone have experience with the AT&T 4G? I’ll probably have bought one by the time someone responds, but I’m intrigued by the prepaid data option they offer.

As u said, u probably already purchased one, but I will offer my experience with a first gen iPad & AT&T 3G: excellent! As long as I can get a signal, the download times are very reasonable. I may take advantage of this Kindle HD oortunity to upgrade from my antique iPad. I cannot get iOS upgrades beyond 6.0 on this old model, which excludes about 70% of new apps.

I will definitely purchase the AT&T option.

Can this work on Verizon network

Excellent question. What is the answer?

Nope, this looks to be the AT&T or T-Mobile version…

under specs it lists:
“4G LTE 10 band wireless modem with HSPA+, HSDPA, and EDGE/GPRS fallback”

Which a google search shows as GSM networks, mainly AT&T or T-Mobile.

Also I just noticed on the main description towards the bottom it links to AT&T for data plans and coverage maps.

So…will this work on t-mobile?

Can this run CyanogenMod?

Per Kindle:

“An AT&T data plan is required to connect to 4G. If you’re not currently an AT&T customer, you’ll need to create a new AT&T account on your device to use the wireless service.”

Amazon had it for $6 less 4 days ago.

I have the new HDX but I still keep going back to the HD model. The sound is the best I’ve ever heard from a tablet, and unlike the iPad, it is full stereo. The sound is great even when the HD is in a case. It’s too bad Amazon did not hold the speaker drivers over on the HDX models which have significantly worse sound than the 7- and 8.9-inch HD models do.

Link, please? And was it also the 4G LTE version?

@Sixdegrees, Yes, but you have to change the SIM.

@kjrehberg The “Amazon had it for $6 less 4 days ago” comment was because it was one of their “Deal of the Day” things. It’s not available at that price anymore, but it was the AT&T version.

In the tech specs under 4g connectivity it states: 'An AT&T data plan is required to connect to 4G. If you’re not currently an AT&T customer, you’ll need to create a new AT&T account on your device to use the wireless service.
Did this mean that if you are an ATT customer, you don’t have to set up a new account and you can use your existing data plan that you have with another device?

Each device will need a SIM from AT&T and to be registered. You may be able to use an existing data plan. Best thing would be to check with AT&T.

I contacted them and they said I would need to add a new data plan for the Kindle, for $30-$50 a month. Pass!

Hard to link to a sale that ended 4 days ago but here it is from dealnews:
Today only, until 3 am ET (or 100% claimed), Amazon offers its factory-refurbished Kindle Fire HD 32GB 8.9" WiFi + 4G LTE Android Tablet with Special Offers (pictured) for $219 with free shipping. That’s $31 under our Black Friday mention of a new unit and best price we’ve seen for this 4G model. It runs a heavily-modified version of Google’s Android OS and sports a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 8.9" 1920x1200 HD display, and 32GB of internal storage.

Also available at Amazon is its factory-refurbished Kindle Fire HD 64GB 8.9" WiFi + 4G LTE Android Tablet with Special Offers for $269 with free shipping. That’s $210 less than our mention of a new unit from last summer and the best price we’ve seen for this model. It features the same specs as above, but has 64GB of internal storage. A 1-year Amazon warranty applies to both models. Both deals end today.

And THIS would be why I purchased this refurb model the last time WOOT had it up. (that and my kids have stolen my smaller Kindle HD to watch videos on prime)

I hate when people says things that are not true. So here it goes.

I am an AT&T employee, but my comments are mine.

Now, there are a ton of options for adding the Kindle tablet to an existing data share plan (currently $10/mo.) or you can get a new data plan or a pre-paid data plan. No Contracts!

For your tablets:

DataConnect 250MB $15
DataConnect 3GB $30
DataConnect 5GB $50

Once you hit the 5GB plan you are now buying a mobile share plan and it is $40 for 5GB and $10 for the device.

We offer plans beyond 50GB now so check it out for yourself.

Now I personally have AT&T and 4 phones sharing 10GB for $160. I can add up to 6 tablets at only $10 each and still share that 10GB or up my data to something higher.

You are also under NO CONTRACT to keep that tablet on your share plan either.

Or you can buy a pre-paid data plan for your tablet.

AT&T was offering a $100 credit for adding a line or device to your account, see if that still applies in your area.

As for the LTE, which is faster than any other carrier; AT&T LTE network expansion will expand to 300 million people by the end of 2014 (95% of you - even in Montana…) In AT&T’s 22-state wireline service area, the company expects its 4G LTE network will cover 99 percent of all customer locations (you know who you are)
We also have our other networks (4G and 3G) which our SIMs automatically down-select if need be. The order of precedence is always LTE, 4G then 3G. You are more likely to be covered with AT&T wireless signal than air itself (personal opinion)

So let the Vz and Sprint people start their jabs, but you aren’t going to win this battle.