Kindle Fire HD Wi-Fi Tablet

Got mine today. Battery was dead on arrival and couldn’t get it registered to my Amazon account (can’t do much without being registered, including internet access). Spent 25 minutes on the phone with Amazon and they got it sorted. Just finished installing an Android OS on it (Marshmallow) and I’m enjoying it. Cute little tablet.

Does this come with the power adapter as well as the USB cable?

Sorry. Just noticed under the specs page that it is NOT included!

how’s it working out for you?

Got mine yesterday, battery was at 0%, charged up and turns on fine, but fails to register with Amazon. How did you get this fixed?



Comes with a USB cable, no power adapter.

Just got mine yesterday. Battery was dead; charged up fine. Can’t link it to my Amazon account, so I will call and update afterwards.

Batteries are often shipped dead for safety reasons. Glad it charged up.

Okay, after a frustrating first call, and then another semi-frustrating second call, I got it sorted. The serial number didn’t show up on the tech support’s screen as existing. But what ended up working for me was to do a 40 second press of the power button when I got the error message that said I couldn’t register the Kindle, and to try later. That shut the device off, and when I restarted it again, it was automatically registered. What a relief! I thought I had bought a doorstop…

Yeah, I wasn’t very concerned about the battery, but I did have some trepidation about getting it registered. Fortunately, IAG. (see above for what worked for me)

So, bought this as well, and cannot register it, same problem (Serial number isn’t in database). Amazon told me because they didn’t “fulfill” it I have to contact woot and have them give me the order number they received when they bought it.

If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance. They should be able to get you squared away.

Read my fix two posts above yours.

I’ll try it again, maybe it’ll work this time? Not holding my breath, though.

Update: no go. My guess is they found your serial number or put it in themselves, honestly, but I don’t know. I’ll try calling Amazon again.

I just sent my customer service ticket in. Thank you for jumping in on this. I hope to find a quick resolution… this issue has been eating away at my core!

By the way, the whole 40 second reset suggested by eloel does not work.

You have to shut it down a second time after you enter your info and it gives the error message.

And no, they didn’t find the serial number. It only went through after the second shot down.