Kindle Fire HDX 32GB 4G LTE Tablet

Any clue if these are locked to AT&T, or if I can put a T-Mobile Sim card in to use via them?

we only know that they’re for AT&T.

I’m seriously tempted to pick this up. It’s the best version of the Kindle they’ve made.

These can’t be returned unless they are unopened - but how can I know what condition a refurbed item is, if it isn’t opened?

Where did you read that a product can’t be opened to qualify for a return?

I doubt the unopened term applies to this. Read the entire “No Hassle Returns” article.

Does this mean you need an AT&T account for the 4G to work? I have a Paperwhite that gets internet over the air if there is no wifi.

Thought this was the same. If not, I will have to cancel my order. Just found out my father-in-law has changed to Verizon cell only and dropped AT&T entirely. No home internet at all. :(. This was supposed to be his birthday gift.

I’m sorry, I cannot confirm that this would work without Wi-Fi or AT&T service.