Kindle Fire HDX 7" Tablets

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Kindle Fire HDX 7" Tablets
Price: $59.99 - 69.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Feb 08 to Monday, Feb 13) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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This is the worst tablet ever. It’s exclusively meant to sell Amazon content. Don’t walk, RUN AWAY.

Not sure I agree. It’s a tablet that lets you use Kindle and Amazon Video but it has a browser and streaming like any other tablet.

In terms of specs it seems to beat the current generation kindles. whats the deal with that?

you got it wrong. the resolution is amazing. these are outstanding tablets.

It can be done but it is NOT easy to root the HD7 with the latest firmware installed. It is, however, easy to install Google Play store on it.

Sorry, have to disagree. This is most definitely NOT the worst tablet ever. I have two of these and two of the later HD8’s.

Apart from the larger screen size and the longer lasting battery of the HD8 the HDX7 outperforms it easily in terms of speed and resolution. This thing has a higher resolution than my HDTV.

All Amazon tablets allow you to use Amazon services and you can choose to do so, or not do so.

A 32GB HDX7 for $69.99 is a good deal. The only drawback that I see is that as yet Alexa is not on this unit.

I just bought one of these and absolutely love it. It plays hearthstone and vainglory without breaking a sweat. It has access to fios mobile which I use as a second tv. I did make the mistake of updating it all the way to without reading into jailbreaking, so I have locked myself out of rooting unless I roll back. Had I kept it at 4551, I could install google play and this tablet would be perfect. As long as Amazon apps continue to support 4552, it’s fine regardless.

Completely disagree. This is an amazing tablet for the price. The reason its specs are higher than current gen is because this tablet was designed back when Amazon actively competed against iPad.

It fully supports Netflix and other non-Amazon content providers that you may download from Amazon app store. It doesnt have access to Google Play. No micro sd expansion, though.

If your wife is a reader and uses a Kindle, she will appreciate this tablet. I got one for my wife on our anniversary 2.75 years ago. She has not stopped loving it. I paid over $200 then. The resolution and color on the screen is so nice. I put Chrome on it for her last week and that took a few extra steps but she likes that now. I am tempted to get one of these for back up for her.

Actually, if you have Amazon Prime, it’s great. Over a year, you will get 12 free books which practically pays for the device.

It’s not for the “enthusiast” market who wants to tinker, but it is for the average user, especially ones who do a lot with Amazon. I have two, and sold off my generic tablets.

It’s like people who buy cars. Some buy one and drive it, others buy one and modify it with custom struts, mufflers engine mods, etc.

Can we assume this is the most recent (4th Generation) version?

Also…when Amazon sells their refurbs through Amazon Warehouse, they make a point of stating there is no warranty. Buying through Woot has a 90 day warranty.

I already have two 7" Fire HDX tablets or I’d order this asap.

Nope. This is the 3rd generation. You can read about the differences in a big chart here: WIKI

Have had this model three years. Bought at around $180 on sale. It’s a full functioning tablet with a brilliant screen. This is a great price …these are better than the current models! They are slow to recharge however.

Can this tablet be upgraded to use Alexa and/or the most current version of Fire OS?

I have bought an apple whatch and what I received was an empty box, Woot has to answer me for this problem…

If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

How would one keep theirs from updating past Doesn’t it just automatically update to most recent? Or does it update one version after another?

Also, is there any external memory option?

No external memory option that works natively. I don’t know if rooting would allow that.

I also got one and love the resolution and as mentioned above, it works great with apps like FiOS mobile, prime video.
My only grief is with battery life, with video in my case it just lasts about 1.5 hrs. SO probably this model was not designed to be used as a video platform in terms of batt life. or maybe I have a defective unit.