Kindle Fire HDX 7" Tablets

Kindle Fire HDX 7" Tablets

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What does “wifi only” mean? As opposed to having its own internet service, or what?

Some tablets are able to accept a phone sim card. These are not.

Thank you. I never understood that.

these are still great little tablets after all these years. they had high-end specs in their day

the issue is that the amazon app store (which is already a tiny app store compared to the google play store) only hosts apps for current versions of fire os… i can’t even download the AMAZON photos app on the hdx i bought a couple months ago. its software is outdated

it does make a great ebook reader tho. awesome screen, high DPI and snappy for those simple tasks

battery life is… ok. it’s an ancient battery, after all

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Can you still stream Prime Video on them? Thinking about getting one for a trip so I don’t mess up my more expensive tablet.

i have prime video on it. i don’t think i installed it. it must be included with the tablet. it works

the amazon app store doesn’t list compatible versions of youtube, amazon music or photos. this tablet runs an older and abandoned version of fire os/android