Kindle Fire HDX, Wi-Fi, 4G, 16GB

I loved my Kindle HDX, but this thing becomes basically unuseable at 16gb. After the OS, you’re basically working with around 8gb of space and that fills up in an instant.

Prepare to be frustrated by the storage, which is frustrating, because these have the best speakers and video quality of any of the tablets I’ve ever used.

Agree. I’m holding out for the 2014 model at 32 GB or higher.

When the 2012 Kindle Fire HD came out, I bought a big one for myself and a small one as a Christmas gift for my mom. Then, in 2013, I reversed it and bought a small one for myself and a large one for Mom.

In 2014, I figured I just bought these things two years in a row, so I’m going to wait a year. And, of course, in 2015, they discontinue them and start selling the bottom-feeder garbage tablets just to get you buying your music and movies from Amazon instead of Apple.

I .really. wish they would make the HDX line again … it was the best available tablet in its day.