Kindle Keyboard 6" Wi-Fi E-Reader

ahhhh, that makes sense.

Too bad I already got one in the I WANT ONE: The Game. This one is still active.

With 7000 B0Cs available meybe they’ll relax the 1 per week rule.

Hope springs eternal!

Same! Been looking for my first Kindle, wasn’t ready to spring for the nicer versions, for $15 I couldn’t pass it up.

P.S. also shocked that as of 4:53 eastern the other thing is still available.

I’ve had one since the winter after it came out and it’s still chugging away. $15 is a steal.

Zoom in on the funky picture off to the right.

edit: PM sent

Got one! My wife is an avid kindle user and I read on my iPhone, but to save batt and at $15 cannot go wrong.

Had not gotten a woot in a long time, I am back baby!

This is a third generation Kindle.

Wow, just got a bag. People must not want an old kindle

Hah thanks! I had no idea they did stuff like that, good times.

BOC’s Everywhere

I wonder if the hidden BOC’s are any different than the ones that pop up in normal listings?

YES! My first bag of commas!

Huh, I didn’t know they did this kind of thing now. I’m used to the old Woot-offs, when you only got BOC’s if everything sold out in time.

Crap is sold out

No it’s not

Crap, I just figured it out! I just bought my first Blue Otter Circus.

Bummer, could not find that hidden Boc :frowning:

Nope. They’re all pulled from the same pallet of tiny boxes.

Check your PM

SCORE! Must have mistyped the first time…took me to a page hosted by the Libyan embassy…hope this won’t have Homeland Security/NSA/CIA showing up to deliver my Bag of Crap! And I got the Kindle too!