Kindle Keyboard 6" Wi-Fi E-Reader

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Kindle Keyboard 6" Wi-Fi E-Reader
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Tuesday, Oct 11 to Friday, Oct 14) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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refurbished for $20 with shipping or brand spanking new for $24 on Amazon… If I bought something else already to offset shipping, but otherwise, not a great deal…

Where do you see it brand new for $24 on Amazon?

He didn’t see it…he did not provide a link because it does not exist for $24 new.

The only ones they are offering on Amazon are used and the cheapest is $23.80 + $4.99, so yeah, there’s that.

What model/year is this device?

Can you put games on this? Or reading material only?

In for 2. Replacement for friend’s elderly mother, and one for me. Amazon just announced that e-books will begin rotating through Prime. So, now I’ll have something to read them on if I see any good books!

I don’t even think Amazon sells it new any more. The ~$24 is for used ones. Actually, the one for sale here has special offers, which is ~$27 (Actual model)

No it’s mainly for reading, though you can add MP3 files, and there’s also a very outdated web browser too.

There are two hidden games on it:

This is a great Kindle by the way. I accidently broke my screen a couple years ago, and had switched to a tablet a little after, but reading is much easier on the Kindle. I think the size is just right, and I love the physical buttons like the Keyboard, and side page buttons, which are absent from the newer models. This one also has speakers which newer Kindle models lack.

The e-ink display is very nice, though Amazon has improved it even further since. As it has no backlight, you’ll need a book light or read by a lamp if you plan to read in low lit areas. It works very nice during the day, and outside. If you want a solid device for reading, this is a steal at this price.

For 15 bucks and a decent standby battery life, I’ll just load it with my sheet music and throw it in my trombone case. I already have a couple of tablets that I like to use but this will make a nice emergency backup for those few songs I haven’t memorized yet and am traveling lite, even though it has a small screen…

OMG no one wants this old Kindle. Give $20 and I’ll take it.

I bought a kindle fire after I thought I bricked my Kindle Keyboard.

Then I did a hard reset by removing the Kindle Keyboard battery. It is back and I prefer it as long as I am in a room with some lighting.

This is a seriously tempting offer.

Well, since it was still up I caved and bought this. I figure that even if I hardly ever use it, it’s probably cheaper than replacing my Kindle Touch’s battery.

Will this handle epub? If not can you root it to do so, and has anyone tried this?

Not directly, but you can use sync software like Calibre to sync epubs to the Kindle.

Yep, Calibre easily converts it. I think you can also convert it by sending an email to your kindle ( wiht the subject line “convert” and it may convert it too. I know I’ve done that for a few formats, not sure if epub was one.

Last time they had these, I bought one, and is was the 3G model! So, very nice getting that and WiFi. Battery is a little tired, but I think you can replace it (I’ve not verified that though).