Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi E-Reader

Don’t waste your money. I purchased a handful of these for my cottage and travel. Four out of five have issues from no battery life, won’t turn on, no memory for my books and faded screens. I honestly don’t think these are “refurbished” at all. Junk. Save your money and buy a new Kindle that will actually work.

How long ago did you get them?

I just got two and they are perfect in every respect. Sounds like you got a bad batch or something.

Are these touchscreen (in addition to the keyboard input)?

No. All inputs are done through the buttons.

I got two of these last time around and both had issues with the screens. One was unusable because the top 25% was illegible. While one could be considered usable I let Woot know and they refunded me for BOTH! YMMV (of course) but they seem to know there could be issues and Iwouldn’t worry about ordering them again (not that I need more) knowing that if I didn’t get a dud Woot usually comes through to make the pain go away.

Just got a third one…came fast…with cord and charger…again perfect.