Kindle Oasis (2018) Waterproof E-Reader

Kindle Oasis (2018) Waterproof E-Reader

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I grabbed this deal a few days ago, and my order just arrived. Unfortunately, what I got was not an Oasis…it was a Kindle Paperwhite. Hopefully, Woot will be able to make this right. I was very disappointed when I opened the box only to find a much less fancy toy that what I was looking forward to… :frowning:

Hey @ThunderThighs or @Lady5tark i kept checking my order and it said/says preparing for shipment yet it looks like I was refunded without a word from Woot - what is going on?

Hi there. FYI, Lady5tark is on the shirt team so not much help in these situation.

Amazon returned a message that it was unfulfillable meaning they were out of stock. We email customers when this happens so make sure to check your junk/spam folders.

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Well that is all well and good, but how are people getting the wrong item and some are having their orders canceled? Woot held my funds for quite a while before deciding there weren’t enough quantities.

I wasn’t refunded until the estimated receipt date - obviously someone knew well before then that there wasn’t enough.

I also ordered it fairly early in the day, so how did that work?

I’m sure @ThunderThighs can answer all of your questions if she can just find her crystal ball.

Sooooo, you know Amazon has like a bazillion warehouses, right? Orders are split among various warehouses. Our orders are mixed in with other orders. We have no control over where an order is sent, when it’s pulled, who pulls it, and in what order they are pulled.

At the time your order was placed, everything showed inventory to be present. Believe it or not but Amazon isn’t perfect. They can go to pull an order and the item isn’t there, it’s the wrong thing, it’s considered too damaged to ship, etc. In that case, they return an error to us to cancel the order.

The order was cancelled/refunded on 7/5, the day after the holiday weekend.

Oddly, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars I have spent on Amazon, not once have I ever been told “oops we ran out of inventory.” They legitimately have the best inventory system in the world. I have received the wrong item, but never nothing - literally never.

Lucky. I’ve had orders cancelled from them.