Kindle Oasis (2018) Waterproof E-Reader

Kindle Oasis (2018) Waterproof E-Reader

$80 off the 32GB is a pretty damn good deal. Wish they offered the cellular 8GB version at this price, I would definitely be in.

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Kindle Oasis models were released in 2016 (6"), 2017, and the newest in 2019. Guessing this is actually the 2017 model?

The condition is unclear as well. It’s listed as “new” yet it only comes with the 90 day woot warranty.

Meanwhile the 2016 kindle is listed as refurbished but with a 1 year amazon warranty.

I’m wondering if something was flip flopped between this oasis listing and the 2016 kindle listing.

It’s seems a bit deceiving to me. They don’t even mention the generation. I spent 50 minutes trying to figure this out…
This is definitely not the latest model. That much you can infer from the description.
Not cool.

Wow if this is not ‘new’ then it’s not a good deal. Price has to be different

It says Kindle Model 2018

Aluminum, waterproof, but no sepia tone. This is the second gen Oasis. I can’t speak to the price, but I can say it’s an excellent reader, though with much less battery life than the Voyage.

I would be happy to spring if it was a “warm light” version.

I find Voyage battery life to be a bit short, so if this is worse, maybe I’ll stick with my Voyage :slight_smile:

My voyage literally never runs out of batteries. You might want to consider replacing the battery. Unlike all the latest kindles, it’s really easy to do on the voyage. Replacement batteries are available everywhere.

Did we figure out what model / Gen these are and whether they’re new or used/refurb?

Tempting but I’m going to wait for Prime Day sale.


These are 9th Generation Kindle Oasis e-Readers. The 2017 release was just the 8GB model. In 2018, they added 32GB. We’ve updated the title to include 2017/2018 for model year.

Here it is on Amazon:

PS: It’s new


Hmmm…just received my 32gb version. Packaging was clearly marked “used” and unit itself shows signs of wear :angry: Definitely not a good deal for a used unit.

Oh dear. I’m very sorry. Please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.