Kindle Oasis 6" 3G E-Reader with Cover

Kindle Oasis 6" 3G E-Reader with Cover

Just an FYI for those who purchased this item.

When you receive this item, you might want to double-check to ensure that you’ve received a WiFi+3G model (and not the WiFi model only, as occurred the last time this was up for sale during Boxing Day – December 26 – on Woot).

I received two that were WiFi only models. Eventually Woot resolved the matter to my satisfaction… although they did not actually HAVE the WiFi+3G models to fulfill.

Whomever was responsible for either the listing or the fulfillment didn’t understand that the WiFi+3G model would start with the serial number G0B0GD, whereas the WiFi only model serial number starts with the serial number G0B0GC.

One pesky letter (D versus C) can mean the difference between whether your model only connects via WiFi only, or has 3G (which would allow you to connect in AT&T cellular coverage land).

Edited: My atrocious grammar… :roll_eyes: