Kindle Oasis 6" Wi-Fi + 3G E-Reader

Amazon Fire Tablet & Kindle Extravaganza

I got one of these when it was a “mobile app exclusive”.

If you don’t already have a charging case, go for the Woot! that includes the charging case for only $20 more. In my experience the battery life is abysmal for the 2016 Oasis without the charging cover (can only read for a few hours before it runs out. I had to get my charging case off of ebay for $25. Thanks a lot woot! for not offering the whole package as sold from amazon till now. :roll_eyes:

Other than woot not having an option to buy it with the charging case till now, the oasis is a really good e-reader. It’s better balanced when I hold it with one hand than the symmetrical tablet e-readers and the backlight is much more cool (closer to white) than for the Paperwhite ( Previous Generation - 7th).

My 2016 Oasis from woot! was a bit quirky to get charged initially because the battery was drained so low. But after plugging in for a few minutes and unplugging it from the charge cable it finally started charging properly (orange charge light stays lit.) Then when it thought it had enough charge to start up, it did it and then shutdown due to low battery before it could finish the boot. After a few more minutes of charging it decided to start up again and this time it successfully booted.

Another problem was that even after it was fully charged and connected to my local wifi network, it would not download a software update. The firmware that came with mine was the stock one from 2016, so would not successfully link to my amazon account, so I had to update the firmware. I had to manually download the firmware from this page on amazon: amazon{dot}com/gp/help/customer/display.html/?nodeId=202037720 (woot won’t let me post a URL to amazon, so you’ll have to cut and paste it to your browser and replace “{dot}” with “.”) then connect the oasis to my computer and manually transfer the downloaded file onto it.
When I followed the instructions on that page to load the update and applied it, everything has gone smoothly since then. (Knock on wood.)

After the firmware upgrade, the bluetooth support was activated, but I haven’t tried it because I don’t ever intend to use it for Text to Speech nor play audible files on it (I use my smartphone or audible, or one of my echos.)