Kindle Paperwhite (1st Gen) 6" E-Readers

Kindle Paperwhite (1st Gen) 6" E-Readers

Do these have the whisper sync feature that reads text?

Paperwhites don’t have audio, so no.

It says special offers in the description. Does that mean ads?

Yes. “Special Offers,” puts ads on the lock screen, and the bottom of your home menu. They’re really not too intrusive, and you can pay a fee to get rid of them if you wish.


I see no details about the version including AT&T cellular, and what is involved in setting THAT up. First gen will have “well known” issues, otherwise these are just Kindle devices with all that tells you. From above info, some ads, but no real web-pages to risk. With more info about the cellular, I’d be interested…

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To set up any cellular device, you need a data plan with the provider (AT&T, in this case). You’ll get a SIM card from them.

According to this (see link) this adapter will let you use Audible, for example with this early model.

At least that is what my take-away was. Yes, it costs as much as these Kindles, but these are a steal for those who are cash strapped.

Hope this helps.

I have ‘offers’ on all my kindles. It is not intrusive at all. I don’t really notice them

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Anyone else having problems registering theirs? Mine came today and it says “Internal Error” when I try to login with my Amazon account. I called Amazon customer service, thinking it was an Amazon thing, and they say that it’s still registered to the previous owner and they can’t deregister it. They said that I have to talk with the seller. I told them that I got it from Woot, but that didn’t make a difference.

I found a question in the Woot forums that says the registration problem can be fixed by Amazon over the phone:

So I contacted Amazon again, this time by chat. My thought was that I could give them the new Kindle’s serial number and my Woot order number easier in text. He said all the woot order number told him was that it had been delivered but nothing about the device itself. He said he can’t help me…Woot has to handle this.

So I emailed Woot customer service. The page said they would get back to me within 24 hours. That was earlier today and it’s now almost 8 EST and I haven’t heard back. Maybe Woot Customer Service is closed on the weekend, but also I know the weather situation in Texas has been bad. I could understand if it might take a while for them to get back to me. My little problem is nothing compared to what some of them are probably going thru.

Just seeing if anyone reading this can help in the meanwhile.

PS…Take care Woot Staff! Hopefully things are getting better!

Amazon might not be telling you the correct information. One quirk about these 1st gen paperwhites is that the software is so outdated that it CAN’T be registered until it is updated. And it cannot update on its own. This is so specific and the device so old that Amazon CS probably just doesn’t know this.

Connect the kindle to your computer using a usb cable, download the Kindle Paperwhite (5th Generation) .bin file to your kindle to start the update manually, then report back.

Copy and paste the above URL manually. Woot seems to have some sort of redirect that goes to the generic help page rather than the intended kindle update page.


Thank you so much for the detailed reply, unfortunately the device had already been updated to I am a little familiar with this particular model because I bought this to replace a worn out first gen Paperwhite so that was the first thing I checked. :confused:

And I did get a response from Woot. They refunded me everything because they don’t have any in stock right now to replace it. So I guess they don’t want to fix things like this anymore? Maybe it’s not cost effective on such an old model? I don’t know. Seems kinda weird! I just figured they would have a little powwow with Amazon and the problem would be worked out. Guess I’ll try side loading stuff until I can buy another one that I can register.

Just want to thank you again. Very kind of you to try to help.

Unfortunate. But I’d just toss it over to amazon for trade in value. They’re offering $25 gc + discount for these things.

Buying a new basic kindle for $90 less 20% trade in discount less $25 gc less your woot refund doesn’t seem like a bad option btw.

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Wow that hadn’t occurred to me. I didn’t realize they were giving that much on trade-ins. I tell ya it’s really not fun to use when it’s not registered. Of course the obvious which is not being able to easily bring my Amazon books over. There’s also no Wikipedia in book reading mode, no collections, and I’m sure many other things that I haven’t tripped over yet during the short time I checked it out last night before I put it aside. Bummer! Other than 2 bad pixels and the well-known uneven lighting at the bottom edge it’s beautiful and clean. I could easily deal with those issues and was hoping for a good outcome.

However, I’ve been an Amazon customer since ‘09, bought my first Amazon device, a Kindle 3 in 2011, and I’ve always been by the book (no pun intended :sunglasses:) when it comes to my Amazon devices and I guess I’m spoiled by the ease of use. Lol. This PW would probably sit gathering dust. In fact I found myself using the Kindle 3 last night, which still works great btw. I found it easier to move the end table lamp closer than try to use the PW as is. So I think I will take your advice. Thanks again for your help.

Hi there. Sorry for the problems. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to anything that would unregister the problem. I’m glad our customer support took care of you.