Kindle Paperwhite (2013) 6" 4GB E-Readers

Kindle Paperwhite (2013) 6" 4GB E-Readers

The product title says “802.11n Wi-Fi, Black - Cellular”. The specs do not say whether it is 3G or 4G. 3G networks are being shut down in the next year. What are the wireless specifications?

The 2gb one says 3G. I would assume it’s the same being the same model year.

According to an old review on, it’s “3G worldwide for life via HSDPA with fallback support for EDGE/GPRS”

I just had a stupid idea: For trading in a working 2013 Paperwhite, Amazon will give you a $25 gift card and 20% off a new Kindle. That’s $26 off a new Paperwhite ($130). So buying this used model and trading it in nets me $21 profit. Right? (before taxes and shipping and all that)

Based on the Wikipedia page. new generations are released every 12-18 months. The first 10th generation device (Paperwhite 4) came out 30 months ago. Maybe we’ll have a new model this summer. I dunno. Who knows, it might have 5G.

If you really want a new Paperwhite Kindle model, you could save some money for an investment of your time. However, I don’t think the savings qualify as a profit unless you sell the Paperwhite Kindle for more than your net cost after adjusting for any taxes and shipping costs.