Kindle Paperwhite (2015) 6" E-Reader


Kindle Paperwhite (2015) 6" E-Reader


I purchased one of these on refurb. It came in an Amazon box and was in great shape. Everything worked until I tried to register it with my account. After back and forth with Amazon device support, who identified it as a Canadian Kindle and said to contact Canadian tech support, they ran the serial number and it was “deactivated due to being lost or stolen”. Now how can Amazon resell these units that are reported lost or stolen? Be prepared for a headache if you buy one of these.


I’m sorry for the poor experience. Did you contact Woot customer service to return it?


Yes. Too bad. It was in practically new condition. Interesting thing though, the serial number on the box and the unit matched but the packing slip had “new” in the description and a different serial number