Kindle Paperwhite (2016) 6" E-Readers

Kindle Paperwhite (2016) 6" E-Readers

Note that “special offers” include ads.

The ads are the best part. Seriously I have a couple without ads and I miss them. I would rather see a picture of an interesting book when I pick up my Kindle than a bunch of pencils. It’s only on the sleep screen.

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There appear to be none available, despite them still being listed and there is no “Sold Out” notice.

They’re available. It’s a Prime only exclusive sale. If you have Amazon Prime,

Log out of Woot
Log in using the Login with Amazon button.

That’ll connected all the magic needed.

My Paperwhite arrived today. Anybody know why I can’t register it with Amazon? I get “Internal Error” when I try (an I correct password is recognized as such).
Further I can’t register an old device at Is there some issue with Amazon’s servers today?

Possible but it’s worth contacting the Amazon Kindle team and get them to help you. Usually it’s just a quick call.

Now, I’ll give you an early warning. Sometimes the rep doesn’t recognize Woot as a part of Amazon. Tell them to scroll down to the bottom of the Amazon main page. :sob:

Amazon was able to register the Paperwhite via a chat session. I may or may not have mentioned that it was a Woot purchase. :slight_smile:

My device appears not the be a “Special Offers” model, based on my experience with other Special Offers Kindles. I’m not complaining…

Glad they were able to help you!!!

Almost all Kindle devices are Special Offers unless you order it otherwise new from Amazon. It’s a $15 or so charge to get rid of them.

Most wooters don’t complain about them. They say it’s just on the sleep screen.

My old Kindle (the last model with a physical keyboard) had special offers. Really unobtrusive but the offers really aren’t like they used to be when the feature first came out.

I had the same “Internal-Error” message when trying to register. I called. Told them I got it from Woot! Took a few minutes, but he was able to get it registered on his end (after giving him the DSN from the box and my order number). Then he had me deregister and reregister on my end for good measure. Now it is registered to me and working. Doesn’t seem to have the ads. It also looked like it was connected to 3G before I put in my WiFi credentials, so I guess we’ll see about that when I take it on my next road trip. Now, on to reading!

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Me too.

I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM this morning.
I had to have AMAZON CALL ME and they registered it manually.
Very quick process.
log in to your Amazon account
(get it setup on on WiFi first)
-your account
-Your Devices and Content
-Scroll to the bottom of the page
-click the C all ME button…follow the prompts.
I told them it was a Woot! purchase.
Now ALL is fine. dunno why…it was new and sealed.
I bought two Scratch 'n Dent Kindles and a S’nD Kindle Fire from Woot! and had no problems with those. I suspect it might be due to being a new International model…