Kindle Paperwhite (2016) 6" E-Readers

Kindle Paperwhite (2016) 6" E-Readers

I Got One (earlier for $2 more) It’s pretty boss.
Can’t say any more than that than what the description says. Get one if you don’t have one.

Previously it is 69.99 only.

I got one at the $69.99 price. There was an error when I tried to registered it so I contacted Amazon via chat and they unlocked it for me. The 3G works fine for me in the US, and it has no ads.

I got the Manga version here and found a used Paperwhite for $23 at the SA Thrift Store. I like them better for reading than my Fires and better than my original Kindles.

I have had a PaperWhite for about 3 year and I LOVE it. It is great for reading in any low light or dark environment. I talked my 84 year old mother into buying one and she loves it as well because she can turn up the brightness and make the print huge! I ordered the newer model in late 2018 and returned it as it was not any better than the one I had. It does lag sometimes when downloading a book but overall I am very happy with it.

How do you charge these ?


I got the first gen Paperwhite on release. No card slot, but otherwise great.

Does this device have Bluetooth connectivity?

Micro USB port

No. Files are transferred either from Amazon via WiFi or you can plug the unit into your PC and copy from there. I use the freeware program Calibre to make the process easier.

BTW, under “experimental” is a very basic web browser.

I bought an earlier model scratch and dent and just traded it in to Amazon- the current deal is 25% off a new Kindle and a gift card depending on condition but probably $25. So if you really like it you can wait for a sale and trade it in for a brand new waterproof one for a great price.