Kindle Paperwhite 3G+Wi-Fi 6" E-Reader

I ordered one of these on 7/17/17 and was impressed when it got here today (7/20). It came in nice new looking packaging (not the brown box that was listed in the description) again I was pretty impressed. Thats when the poop hit the rapidly spinning blades. Upon pushing the power button the device seemed to have a seizure, flickered for a minute or so before displaying a loading screen for about ten minutes, and showed a screen that simply read “Repair Needed. Your Kindle Needs Repair. Please contact Kindle Customer Service at…”. When I called KCS they told me that while the device was somehow magically already registered to my amazon account (I assume this is because woot is now an amazon subsidiary and this item is fulfilled by amazon) it was showing up as a device registered in 2013. This being the first kindle of any kind all I can assume is that there is a problem somewhere in their refurb process. But hey they offered to sell me a brand new device to replace my newly purchased device so I should still be happy with my purchase, right⸮ I did also contact woot customer service but haven’t heard anything back from them yet.

Mine arrived yesterday and would not register to my account, however Amazon customer service was able to register it quickly on their end. It also does not have ads! All in all, I am quite pleased.

Ordered my Paperwhite 3G on July 18, received it in the factory box on the 21st, though it had an LPN RR sticker over the regular SKU… so it looks to be an unwanted customer return.

The item looks brand new, I registered with no issues via 3G (to verify the 3G would connect prior to establishing a relationship with my home wifi network), and finally updated the software to the newest version 5.8.10.

Easy peasy.

This is my third Paperwhite, which I actually prefer over the Oasis and the Voyage (I have those devices as well), and am quite pleased with this purchase.

Yeah… I’ve got a bit of a Kindle hoarding issue (I’ve got 9 Kindle ereaders of every generation in my household), but I like keeping different genres or types of reading materials on different readers.

I also don’t mind loaning out a Kindle (with parental controls enabled) if family or friends would like to experience using a Kindle, or when sharing books in my library.

Woot sent me a wifi only paperwhite even though my order says 3G & wifi. Even though they are part of amazon and could easily give me the 3g model I paid for, odds are they refuse to correct their mistake. If I’m wrong I will humbly apologize.

Did you, by any chance, connect first with your home network wifi?

The reason I ask, is that once you’ve made the connection, a 3G model will not give you the option to connect to the 3G network unless you move well out of range of your home (or hotspot) wifi connection.

Try “forgetting” your wifi network and see if it will attempt to connect via the 3G radio.

If that doesn’t work, it either means that you are correct in that they sent you the wifi-only model OR that you are not within AT&T’s coverage area. (It could also mean you have a bad 3G radio, as well.)

One other thing to check… your device’s serial number will start with either B0D5 or 90D5, if it is the wifi plus 3G model.

If it is wifi only, the serial number will start with B0D4 or 90D4.

Looks like an upgrade from my 2012 167dpi Kindle Touch. I’ve wanted a Paperwhite for [strike]a while[/strike] years so I’m in for one!