Kindle Paperwhite Manga 32GB 6" E-Reader

Got one of these last time, fairly awesome w/ 8x storage of an Oasis model. No problems with existing titles in library, kind of expensive but if you read a lot not having to remove titles from the device every few weeks is worth it. I fill 'em up with tech references for work and throw it in my backpack, works great even in dimly-lit datacenters.

Is this the ad-free version?

Negative, Includes Special Offers.

In prior sales of Kindle devices, there was talk that it was impossible to tell if there were ads. If the person who bought it bought it without ads, it would have no ads. Since there was no guarantee they just say includes ads to be safe.

You can always call Amazon & pay the upcharge and get the ad removed. ($20 US, I believe)

The ads are only on the . . . what do you call it? The splash screen? And for me, at least has always been ebook related. They don’t interrupt your reading experience at all.

Does this allow a full range of kindle features or is it just limited to what the Japanese market supported?

That and does it switch to English mode or is it just in Japanese?

Can you read this in the dark?

Yes and yes.

I missed this the last time, I jumped at the chance to own it this time. I’m definitely gonna load it with great books and Manga!

Will this play Audible books? Does this have Bluetooth accessibility option?

I’m not sure, could I use my USA Amazon account on this model? Or do I need to make a Japanese one?

No, those are mostly found in Kindle Fires. In earlier Kindles MP3 playback was “experimental.”

This is a high speed, large capacity, lit-screen book reader.

Maybe. When these were sold last month, they were sold as the “Special Offers” version. Both of the ones I received, though, were ad-free.

Both of the ones I bought last month registered just fine with my US Amazon account.

Only if you turn it on. :wink:

It does have an illuminated screen with variable brightness.

Are these in decent shape?. No scratches on screens ? Do they support Goodreads ?

Mine was new from Brazil, with no special offers, supports Goodreads.

No Bluetooth. Can’t find any mention of audible titles in the included “Kindle Paperwhite User’s Guide, 5th Edition.” Running Kindle 5.9.4 firmware.

There seems to be some confusion between te purpose of a Kindle and a Kindle Fire.

This device is to read visual information. What purpose would Bluetooth serve? Transfer files?