Kindle Paperwhite Manga 32GB 6" E-Reader

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Kindle Paperwhite Manga 32GB 6" E-Reader
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Aug 29 to Monday, Sep 03) + transit
Condition: New


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Are you 100% sure these are NEW as listed?
Every other sale you’ve done is refurb.

I’d also like to know if these are new…if they are, then SOLD :slight_smile:

Yeah, what he ^^^ said…

Hummm… just noticed it says “We’re listing these as “New” condition, but they do not come with an Amazon warranty. Instead, we will back these with a 90-Day Woot Limited Warranty.”

Sounds kinds funky to me…

Woot, can you clarify what’s going on here please and offer more details? Is it sealed in the box for exmaple???

And now the black I wanted is gone
Bought a lot of things listed as new in past that were not. BTW $119 is a listing price for the regular Kindle paperwhite. It has never been a price associated with Manga version NEW and I belive its also never been the listed price of reurb Manga edition. Kinda leads one to wonder if this is the regular 2015 4gb edition.

Someone needs to clarify their listing or don’t list anything until a sample has been thoroughly vetted by a woot employee qualified to figure it out.

Oh if we make a mistake send it back.
That’s super inconvenient for some people and if you want to guarantee I have, say, a YEAR to send back YOUR MISTAKE then it’s less of a hastle (this use to be called Bait and switch or just fraud. Unsure when it went to oops we goofed or the like) when you’ve been notified of ‘mistake’ in allotted time frame (current return window)

The black sold out (I wanted white anyway) so I pulled the trigger so I didn’t miss out. Here’s hoping that they are actually new!

I also just pulled the trigger
If TT or another employee reads this - try to intercept and send a black one as I really do not want white.
I’m sure there will be left overs posted piecemeal later… And yes I am holding my breath in vain.

FURTHER - if this is not a BRAND NEW NON-OPEN BOX and/not the 2016 Manga 32gb as listed (not priced)
I will need an immediate refund and you can send someone to my door to pick it up or I’ll give it to some school/kid.

I don’t need to boc disappointment/rage
I’m ripping mad now about what looks to be another careless misleading posting
If it’s does turn out to be new 32gb 2016 Manga edition I’ll just be fairly frigging annoyed it’s white which as many people say is an optical illusion… One I suffer from if so as I’ve seen white one - the ink looks dull cloudy versus the black.

You can apply a skin to your Kindle.They come in many styles.

I’m fairly certain (hopeful) that these are brand new, and that the reason they don’t have an amazon warranty is because they are unsold stock from, which would not be covered under a US warranty. Or something like that. I’m not expecting a factory sealed unit, tho that would be nice, because I would imagine they would need to be inspected or something prior to sale, being something of an odd duck. As long as I can link it to my US amazon account and fill it with books, I’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand WHY there is a limit of 10 allowed on this deal! There should be no more than 2 allowed thereby allowing others to get in on the deal!!!

Keep in mind this current gen of paperwhite kindles were release in fall 2015, the manga edition in 2016.

The next/4th gen paperwhite will probably be release sometime soon. There was only 1 to 1.5 years between the prior generations; the next one is over due.

I picked up one of these for myself. This will be my 3rd e-reader since e-readers started being produced. My first was a Sony e-reader that I got back when they were super expensive. I followed up with a Nook for both my wife and I, however; I find myself more committed to the Amazon eco system so I pulled the trigger on this one.

My “NEW” kindle came repackaged in a refurbished box. When I complained the rep said it was new and offered me a $10 coupon on my NEXT purchased. If it is new, why the repackaging and why wasn’t that mentioned. Seems sleazy. I doubt I will be purchasing more from woot.
Anyone else get theirs in a plain cardboard box?

Hi there. Your item is NEW. They were sent in “frustration free” packaging which is a plain brown box. I’m sorry we neglected to mention that in the sale.

Mine arrived new and I was very happy until I turned it on and saw a line of dead pixels 1/4 of the way up the screen, all the way across. Returning it immediately…thanks for nothing woot. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. Looks like you took advantage of the self-return capability. Please feel free to write in to support if you need further assistance on this.

Mine arrived and under the sticker closing the box is another sticker REFURBISHED.

supplier OBVIOUSLY knows they are refurb as every other sale is and they arrive in the amazon no hassle pack - I’ve never seen any Amazon items shipped on the plain cardboard that were not at least open box and mostly refubs.

it seems ok except for extra large gap at leds so on more flashlighting and can see the LED easily. Also larger than normal gap between edge of bezel around screen and rest of body.

I’m very sorry. If you’re unhappy with the unit, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.