Kindle Touch 6" Wi-Fi + 3G E-Reader

I have the Kindle paperwhite which I love, but I also have this exact kindle touch and wouldn’t part with it. It’s the last kindle ereader made with audio, wifi, & 3-G.

What does acceptable actually look like?

Nothing about the condition should interfere with the functionality of the device.

Bought this on Amazon two days ago for $22.95… and didn’t have to pay shipping.
No, you have to pay shipping unless you have Prime or spend at least $35. The warranty is longer (1 year), if it applies to the used Kindle, not sure, this one is 90 days here.

According to Amazon Warehouse Deals:

Used - Acceptable
Small cosmetic imperfection on top, front or sides of item. Back has cosmetic imperfection associated with regular use. Device does not come with any warranty.

Again, according to Amazon Warehouse Deals:

Device does not come with any warranty.

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Luckily, Woot is providing a 90-day warranty for this one.