Kindle Touch Wi-Fi 2GB E-Reader

How much memory is included? On the main page it says 2GB, on the Specs page it says 4GB…and I am assuming there is not an expansion slot??

It’s 4GB. YAY!

Everything has been updated.

Hope buyers have better luck with these than the Kindle PaperWhites I just purchased on here a few days ago. Wasn’t able to register them and when I contacted Amazon Kindle support they said the serial numbers didn’t exist and since I didn’t buy them DIRECTLY from Amazon they were unable to help me and I should contact Woot. TT, I have a customer support e-mail in already but I am guessing the best I will get from this is a refund.

Edit: After a 90 minute chat with Amazon with 3 different levels of help, the issue is that the firmware is so out of date it will not register. Came with 5.3.4, needed to update to Any issues with these check for firmware updates.

[MOD: Note that this thread is not for Kindle PaperWhites.]

I love my old kindle touch and still use it when I don’t need my paperwhite or Fire. Mine kt also plays my audiobooks andnd is lightweight. Very sturdy, too. This seems to be a good deal.

Does this Kindle come with “special offers” or does it have those ads disabled?

It comes with special offers. Most people say they’re not intrusive though.

You can subscribe to remove them.

Same with mine. 2 hours with kindle support, multiple accounts tried, multiple networks tried and I did the firmware to It still will not work. My phone support suggested it has been wiped out of the Amazon world due to age or reported theft. Once a serial number is reported, it is taken out of the database so it can’t be registered. More of Woot being the Amazon garage sale. It was a good price for a paper white but a bit steep for a paper weight.

Oh no! Did you contact Woot’s customer service? If not, please do! They should be able to help you.

Helped with a return shipping label and five whole bucks off my next woot purchase. My time invested in this purchase was more than 3 hours so I got paid about as much as the call center manager I spoke to. I learned my lesson though. If I want somebodies junk, I’ll hit up a thrift shop.

Same happened to me, but the charging cord that came with it was not a registered/certified cord and my computer wasn’t recognizing the device at all. Found a certified cable, was able to update and then I could register. Without that cord you can charge but not update.

I ordered one of these and they sent me the regular kindle 4th generation … 2 gb, no touch screen. I contacted customer service about the error and they said I can return it but they don’t have any kindle touches left in stock to send me one … Yet they still show them for sale here. Either they are lying to me or to all would be buyers. Beware … You may not actually get this kindle touch if you order it.

Hi there. I’m sorry about that. I got with CS and they’re putting in a replacement for you.

These are $22.95, free shipping if bought from Amazon directly. I mean, it’s the same dang listing right down to the disclaimer description. And Amazon can’t say “Sorry, but you didn’t buy it from us” if you have problems. This is why I stopped shopping Woot. Most of the time, the stuff Woot sells can be bought cheaper on Amazon and without any shipping charges! Stuffed monkeys telling really corny jokes might be fun for some folk but I’d much rathe save money…

Thank you. I appreciate the help.