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**Item: **Kindle Touch Wireless Reading Device
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These are flimsy garbage. I wouldn’t use one of these if it was given to me. Oh wait, that’s right, one was given to me and I gave it to my niece.

Ahh yes, a wootoff. And while everyone else is standing in line at Best Buy/Target/BBB/Wal-Mart, I’m already back at home and just may have a decent chance at a bag of crap this time.

Look, here’s the reality. These are great e-readers. I mean killer devices. Only problem, there’s no light. Which means you pretty much have to buy an expensive case with a light, or haul along a second device (which usually isn’t rechargeable and has no where near the same battery life as the reader) to give you the light.

Whereas the paperwhite finally fixes the biggest problem that Kindles had - still has great battery life, and you can actually use it in all lighting conditions.

So, are they awesome? Yes, to a point. Think of this device as a stepping stone to buying a paperwhite. Or maybe just apply that cash you would use to buy this and just skip to buying the device you’ll keep.

uh…technology bro


These are going fast!

Got this for Christmas two years ago (thanks, Sis!) and love it. The only downside is that it’s a gateway device. It didn’t take me long to go from a Kindle to a Kindle Fire. Which I’m typing on now.

I still tote this with me when I just want to read, though. Easier on the eyes. Until it’s dark, anyway.

My wife has used her Biglots Pandigital White 7" tablet for a reader for over a year now and it still works. She mainly reads on it, so I am in for one of these for her.

Now, how to make this a useful device, especially for commuters that happen to find themselves with time on their hands (bus, train, etc…)

I highly recommend using Calibre and their automatic downloading of news. No matter what your particular news bent is (geeky, political, etc), there’s tons of sources ready to go and you can schedule a daily download which will appear on your tablet after you plug it in.

I know, not as sexy as instant wifi or cellphone powered news, but it works quite well.

Wow! 1% sold in 15 minutes. Good night everyone.

With shipping…how is this even close to a deal? It may as well just be a link to the page on Amazon and a note saying “come back in 2 hours when we’re forced to cycle this deal.”

Gee wiz this is gonna be a great woot off, this same kindle is on for $50 & free shipping…woot off on Black Friday, no woot off on Saturday or Sunday (when we are all gonna be out shopping) but Monday when we are all at work they are having another woot off…really POOR marketing people…somebody really didn’t think this thing out very good…

[MOD EDIT: Incorrect info - The $50 model on BestBuy is for the non-touch. The only touchscreen on offered there (same model) is $150 but has 3G]

Nook Simple Touch is $39 at Barnes n Noble, online and in stores, today. Free shipping.

They’re both nice readers but I like my Nook better.

I absolutely love my Kindle Touch that I’ve had since November of 2011. I’m not sure how great of a deal this is in comparison to its normal cost, but it’s less than half of what I paid for mine new, and I definitely feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

And yes, the case with the built-in light that runs off the Kindle’s battery was nice, but I honestly don’t really use it to read much in the dark anyways.

And my internet is easily faster than any 3G/4G/5G/xG/urmomG cellular broadband that Verizon can crap out…bro. I appreciate your comment though.

I sometimes have trouble understanding people’s need to read in the dark. Sure, if you’re camping or something, or in bed and want to keep the light off to avoid keeping someone else awake, but otherwise? I don’t think I’ve ever used a book light for a normal book…
Granted, having that feature could certainly be a plus but it doesn’t seem like it really needs to be a showstopper, at least not for the majority of people.

Now go buy three. ;^)

Actually I do have one of these ($35 from Cowboom a while back). Keep in mind it has audio, whereas the Paperwhite doesn’t (the PaperWhite has no speakers, no headphone jack, no audio or text-to-speech, period). That can be significant for some people.
Now, the UI/controls do leave a little to be desired, and until you get used to how it works it sort of feels like using the slowest tablet ever created, but for what it does, it’s fine.

Have used the Kindle touch for the last 2 years and loved it. Bought the Kindle Paperwhite just 2 weeks ago and would never go back to just the touch. Agree with others that say it is an entry level reader. The Paperwhite is awesome!!! Big difference between the two. Expecially like the Paperswhites experimental browser. Of coarse without saying the abliity to adjust the level is light is a great feature. Very easy on the eyes.

As fast as these are going, I believe it.