Kindle Users: Can you download a UK kindle book if you have US Amazon account?


Ok, it’s all up there in the title. I’m reading a series of books and I’d really like the author to get paid for them (ie I WANT TO PAY FOR THE BOOKS). Unfortunately, only the first three have been released in the US, the next 4 are UK only. I’m pretty good at handling UK reading and slang, although those extra 'u’s are annoying.

The books are like 4.5 pounds on the UK Amazon site. Can I buy them with my US Amazon account and have them shunted onto my kindle and be happy? Or do I have to bitch and moan and wait for Harper Collins to get their act together and “translate” these books for the US? Should I just suck it up and buy them on dead trees and fork over for shipping?

Anyone have any experience with this?


I was interested in reading the Bourne series on my Kindle. However, the original trilogy of books is only available on Amazon UK. Amazon UK will not allow Kindle purchases to US accounts, I tried.

If you find another way to do it without setting up a new amazon account, please let me know.


No, it doesn’t work.

Even with a UK Amazon account.

Edit: Well…I’d have to try it. It might be possible, but you have create an UK account and set it up properly. Even then I’m not 100% sure it would work because of the network. If you would like, I’ll try it with one of mine. On my previous efforts, I didn’t try registering my kindle to the UK account, just buying the UK book and sending it to my account. That doesn’t work.


Thank you both… it does seem that even if you do get a UK account to work if you get caught Amazon will delete it and all your books. I hate to admit it, but I had a friend send me copies and will just buy them when/if they ever get released.

I hope we can get to a point where electronic content is no longer restricted by national borders.


I just set up an account and uploaded an eBook on Amazon (US). The eBook is also available on, .es, .fr, .de, .it, and .jp, or at least I set it up to be available. I will be charged a “delivery fee” of $0.15 (I think) for every MB of size of my eBook for sales outside of the US.


Very nice of you! I wish the major publishers would do that :slight_smile: