Kindle Voyage 6" 4GB E-Readers

Kindle Voyage 6" 4GB E-Readers

If it’s not refurbished don’t put refurbished in the description. It’s not rocket science. Sheesh.

Wait… they are refurbished. The boxes are marked as “Used-Very Good” because Amazon is trying to phase out the word refurbished and these are coming from an Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Is it possible to find and select a firmware that is a lower version. I want to jailbreak it so I can play interactive fiction on the device.

No, sorry. They’re all in a big pile of units. No way to identify or select different units.

And as a nice bonus, the one I received wasn’t the “special offers” version. It was the one you typically have to pay an extra $20 for (or whatever the amount is now) to get rid of the offers.