Kindle Voyage 6" E-Reader - Brand New

Kindle Voyage 6" E-Reader - Brand New

How annoying are the “special offer” ads?

i had a different model kindle. all they are is on the screen when the unit is “off” instead of it being a blank screen. they don’t interrupt your book or anything like that. at least they didn’t, i’m sure there would be an uproar if they did. they were hardly annoying and occasionally, very rarely, useful.

Ads are just on home screen. I have this kindle and I love it! Holds a charge for weeks!

So, if you travel what part of the world would the 3g work?

I have a Voyage and love it. Barely notice the ads on the home screen - sometimes the book shown gets added to my library list. :wink:

These were discontinued earlier this year. Now, other than eBay, this is probably the only place you can get a new one.
If this model was waterproof, I might have gone for it.

I’ve had a Voyage for years, great device with an excellent screen. Ads are on the opening screen that you just swipe through. Recent FW update added new font, themes and updated home screen.

Other than the page press buttons this really doesn’t have much more to entice me over my current Kindle Paperwhite. Same size screen, resolution, memory, connectivity, etc. I’m not sure exactly what the “adaptive light” does other than brighten and dim automatically but I’m not seeing that as a game-changer either.

As others have said, if it was waterproof then I would be more interested.

I’d like to buy an e-reader, but every time I look it’s a classic case of overchoice. What are the differences between the models? Why are their so many? What’s a good price? What’s a good deal?

Guess I’ll keep reading books on my phone.

It should be available in many parts of the world. Put in your specific need and see. Some countries are phasing out 3G, and have already done so with 2G.

I can’t get my new Woot! Kindle Voyage to register.
Anyone else having this problem?
I got this to replace a lost Kindle, and if I can’t get it back on Amazon Prime, it has limited use.

You might check in with Amazon Kindle customer service to see if they can help you.