Kindle Wireless Reading Device with Free 3G – 2nd Generation

this is a steal!

Kindle’s are suh-weet. Is 2nd gen new, or is this an older model at this point? I’m not up on the gens these days. =(

I bought mine from the Woot last year and I couldn’t be happier with it, even with the new ones out there.

Does this work with a Mac?

Is this compatible with my Entourage Pocket Edge from last time? J/K, but it’s great they have another old technology item to get rid of on here! So sorry I paid more years ago…right?

They are on 3rd now, I think!

Bought the new ad supported Kindle 3 with 3G today directly from Amazon and it just costs 139$ with shipping. This is not a good deal.

There is a newer model out, but with 3g it’s about $100 more

This is a good price if you want a kindle just for reading.

The Kindle 3 is much better in essentially every way, but the 2 isn’t that far behind purely from a book standpoint and if you don’t travel much.

The battery life is a lot less and the browser runs pitifully slow, but it does still have internet in a pinch.

Screen quality is a bit worse and refresh rate is a little slower, but if that doesn’t bother you then it’s pretty good.

Yes, they are on the 3rd generation.

Old model, but at this price it’s a good deal. Not too much different in the new version really.

Old model, but at this price it’s a good deal. Not too much different in the new version really.

You can get the current gen new at on Amazon for $114

The extra $24 seems like a good investment over an older gen refurb. Just my opinion.

89 vs 139

buy buy buy… it’s going fast!

This is 2nd gen. New ones are 3rd gen. For a refurb, i’d think it would be cheaper. I’d wait to see if the drop the wifi one soon. I heard possibly $99 near the holidays.

I have a 1st gen Kindle and love it. This is a fantastic price, despite the price increase of e-books (no fault of Amazon’s), although your Amazon e-books will not play nicely with other devices due to DRM. If you don’t have an e-reader and read a lot of non-PDF stuff, I totally recommend.

This doesn’t have adds and is $50 less. It is a good deal…too bad i couldnt enter my information fast enough :frowning:

Kindle 2 vs Kindle 3.
Refurbished vs New

And 94 vs 139! :slight_smile: