Kindle Wireless Reading Device with Free 3G – 2nd Generation

Amazon just lowered the price of their 3rd gen w/ 3g (with ads) to $139. There’s rumors of a 4th gen coming out in 3rd quarter.

if this were under 50, that would be a good deal.

Some free books for your new kindle.

I bought 3 of these for my sisters on the last go-round; I think the commenters saying this is not a good deal are crazy.

My Kindle DX is 3rd-gen, and when I compare the screen contrast between the two generations (putting aside the higher resolution on the much larger DX screen), it’s visible if you look for it, but negligible when reading.

To compare apples to apples, you need to compare this to the 3rd-gen 3G model without ads, at $189. Amazon has increased the price differential for “special offers” (ads) to $50 on this model, meaning it’s worth $50 to them to show you the ads; to me, that kinda implies that it’s worth $50 to the buyer not to have to see them.

So, apples-to-apples, at HALF the price, all you’re giving up is wi-fi (needless anywhere the 3G works, and the 3G works even in places my cell phone doesn’t), higher storage capacity (only important if you fill it up with MP3 music and Audible books; it will take you a year to fill up either model with ebooks, even free ones), and the slight screen improvement.

Ooops, too late, you missed it! I bet they won’t offer this again.