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King 8" Cool Wave Memory Foam Mattress [New] - $299.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Eastern King 8" Cool Wave Memory Foam Mattress

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Like sleeping on a fluffy cloud. A $299 cloud. Seriously though, 8 inches?? That’s downright luxurious!

Are you supposed to sleep directly on the * aloe vera treated mattress cover*? I thought you might want to put sheets on it.

If the queen is any hint, it’s only 3 inches of memory foam.

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Are we scaling back for the recession – since the “King” is here on sellout.woot, and the “Queen” is over yonder?..

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What happens if there is an “accident” on one of these - how would you dry it?.. I’m thinking about the kids, so please don’t get any ideas…:wink:

This mattress felt really great for a while, but after several months it is now sagging in the middle for some reason.

Could someone please explain how the cool air flow channels work if there is a fitted sheet on the mattress?

Alternatively, for those who need a smaller, queen size…

Concurrent Offering!

What is the recommended support structure for this - a box spring mattress?.. and where would you get one of those without buying an accompanying “regular” top mattress?..

With regular spring-type mattresses you need to “flip and rotate” every so often to prevent sagging. What about this jumbo?

Math geeks:

I have a 230 sq. ft. kids playroom that I would like to cover in these mattresses - how many of these must I purchase (assuming I can get three) combined with how many queen-size offered over on woot! (assuming I can get up to three there as well)… and how much, if any, space will be left over - and what should I do with that?..

This might be better to cover a floor with. Interlocking rubber 2’x2’ tiles. Somewhat soft rubber and easy to clean (go to Sears store to feel the bounce in them). You’ll have a tough time cleaning kids dirt/stains off pieces of mattresses. Order w/Bing 15% CB and 5OFF50 coupon code (2 sets per order to use coupon multiple times), and free shipping.

Wow. My wife and I would love to upgrade to a king-sized mattress. The main reason we haven’t is because of space, but also the cost – if we had the space, I’d buy this right now. Memory foam mattresses are great. We don’t like sleeping on regular mattresses anymore.

As for kid’s playroom – get those rubber mats. The mattress is way too thick to be safe, unless you’re making a landing pad for jumping off things!

I’m thinking it was a math quiz, no? Not a solicitation for alternative flooring.

Oh, and the possible answer is - (3) of each mattress would yield a total of 226.73 sq. ft. – 100 sq. ft. for the queen and 126.73 sq. ft. for Jah. That leaves approx. 3.27 sq. ft. for triage/first aid station.

Depends on if you want to cut up the mattress or not, silly! The square footage doesn’t tell the dimensions, which are necessary if you aren’t going to cut into these things. But really, it’s a dumb idea to cover a kids’ play area with mattresses unless they are wrapped in rubber mattress pads. What fun would that be? Don’t you have a better use for your money?