King & Cal King Mattresses

Does anyone own one of the adjustable king sized beds? I cannot find any reviews on it and their price seems competitive with everyone else.

I have the mycloud twin-xl mattress and love it. I am 63 6’1" 270.

Is that an adjustable mattress? If so, do you need a special sheet that is stretchable?

I have a totally different adjustable bed that’s the full bed up and down, not half and half. I only use regular and fitted sheets like any other bed. The sheets only come off when the kids go nuts and try to fold themselves in half or start jumping on the bed like any other bed. You should be Ok.

The beds don’t adjust quickly enough to mess anything up. The biggest problem I’ve had is I really want to get a headboard now because pillows tend to fall behind the bed sometimes when I lift it up if I don’t pay attention to how they are piled up.

What type of headboard? I can only really find headboards that are attached to the frame. I am debating getting this, but I don’t even know where to try one out. I can hardly find any information online. :frowning:

From the manufacturer: Here is our website for this product, which has more information for you

I must be blind… I cannot find frames anywhere on your site. I am looking to purchase your king sized dual adjustable bed. I see the bed comes with feet to support it. Do the feet need to be installed or can I remove them and put the bed on an king size frame with head board?

Please respond soon. I’m a very interested client and long time woot fan :D…

Hi there,

The myCloud split king adjustable bed would replace a platform bed. If you have a bed frame, the adjustable bed would fit inside the frame. I hope that this clears up any confusion.

This is just for the myCloud product listed in this sale

does anyone own the 14" king? im very interested in that one but not sure of the zoned thing or the open cell foam i tend to like the gel stuff better, anyone have any feedback or more info?


also on the 12" king responda your description lists 5 separate layers but the pic shows only 3 which is correct and what are the correct layers?

I am from the manufacturer and the specification picture is correct. The 12" Responda is one of our best selling beds and has 2" of 3.5 lb memory foam, 3" of convoluted engineered latex and a 7" support base. The feel of this bed is an extremely nice cushion firm. Not too hard and not too soft!