King/Cal King Mattresses

This is not even close to a good deal… check Sears

anyone have details on this item:

boy Id love to get one of these in a BOC

I second this request!

I found this:

So I read up on previous threads from earlier sales and these seem like a solid bet.

But which one is best? What’s the difference between the 14" Tri-Zone Memory Foam Mattress with Luxurious Jacquard Cover King $519.99" and the 14" Memory Foam Mattress - King
$309.99" what does the extra 200 bucks really buy me, hmmmmmm?

Yeah, I’m torn… I’ll likely order the one I linked above, later today or tomorrow

I can give some input on the link you posted [this one:] as I ordered the full size mattress in that style.

I was very skeptical about purchasing a mattress online, but man am I impressed. Best/most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I usually sleep on my back/slightly on my side and wake up in the same position as when I fell asleep, which rarely happened in the past. For the price, I don’t think you can really beat this mattress. In fact, now that I have recently moved and have a bigger room, I’m considering buying a bigger size.

I see that you are on the fence, post more questions if you’d like. I’ll try to respond quickly.

Awesome , thank you so much. Honestly the only reason I am focusing on this one is that it is one of the most highly discounted as far as the “regular price” vs woot price. I know that isn’t the best indicator…

Do you happen to know anything about the other listings. Several are a bit more, but thicker (IE $519 for the 14" instead of a 12"), but it is a diff brand.

How would you describe the “firmness” of the mattress you ordered?

Also, did it list a manufacturer?

I’ve only had mine for a few months, so as far as longevity (which is one of the more important things when it comes to a mattress) I can’t offer much insight.

The other brands/models I do not know much about. I just know about this one because I bought it.

Firmness: That’s tough to quantify since it is so subjective. First thing to note is that a memory foam vs standard mattress is very different. Memory foam is typically less firm, but more supportive in general. I sink in to the mattress much more, but I feel like I’m laying on a cloud. No pressure points, etc. One thing I’ve noticed about almost all memory foam mattresses is that sleeping on your stomach is not very comfortable.

It fewer words, the mattress is pretty soft, but yet still supportive. You sink in to it and it envelops you. I think this is the case for most memory foam mattresses.

The manufacturer was listed, but I cannot remember the name right this minute. I don’t believe it was a large name brand. It could very well be made in the same factory as name brands though. I am not positive.


Ugh, such a tough decision. I may try to make my wife lay on some memory foam mattresses tonight to see if she even likes them, at all.

Well, I rolled the dice on the 12 inch Cal-king you linked. Fingers crossed…

Yeah, I am still up in the air between that one and just a topper. We have a nice mattress that is coming up on 8yrs old and my wife is starting to get aches and pains. A topper might be just what we need:


Well, nuts. Looks like the king size 12" gel is sold out. Reading the links to the past sale of them I had decided to get one. Oh, well. Maybe they’ll come around again. Meantime, thanks, Wooters, for the links and the review of the mattress! Here’s hoping this comes up again before Christmas!

Yeah, I saw that too. Fortunately, I am in need of a CalKing… so, I have a half hour to decide.