King Estate's North by Northwest Rosé (6)

King Estate’s North by Northwest Rosé 6-Pack
$34.99 $108.00 68% off List Price
2015 North by Northwest Rosé, Columbia Valley

Discussion from an earlier sale.

I do not know anything about this wine, but this looks a steal. Good luck for anyone having space and wallet reserves.

total steal.

No sales stats? I was sure I’d see you as first sucker. Though maybe not, after all the recent damage. Anyway, I bought a set.

Thanks for bringing it back. By popular demand.

Previous discussion has me ready to hit the buy now button. At $6/bottle, surely I can find a use for this wine even if it doesn’t tickle my fancy.





Honestly. Giving it away at this price. Of course it is 45 degrees outside and falling. Not necessarily in a rose frame of mind…

Bought this last time it came up a month or so ago. Not a very complex wine, but what do you expect for $7/bottle? Quite enjoyable with some aged cheese and crackers after work.

At this price, it’s hard to find fault with it.

In for 1 because, why not.

This is the one I have been waiting for all day. I was so disappointed it wasn’t on the last Woot Off. I am in for 3. In fact I had already contacted winery to see if they would honor last pricing. Had not heard back. Thank you Woot for making my day. I really enjoyed this wine and can not believe the price point. Wine Woot, I hate to see you go!!!

Yes! Was waiting for this. Bring back that boxx sangiovese next.

I just bought another case after buying it last time. Great value on this wine! Don’t be afraid of the low price.

please keep in touch.

This was a nice bottle iirc cortot opened one of these at the last gathering?

Yes, it made an appearance. I’m surprised my wife left you any.

We bought this about a month ago and it was a huge hit at a birthday brunch–well paired with a sunny, autumn Sunday brunch of roasted salmon, soft boiled eggs, salad and lemon ricotta pancakes!

Oh I thought we could split an order. Guess I’ll get my own.