King Konga Line

Don’t go all ape on us, now!

what does the “pno.” at the very left stand for? anyone?

It’s going to take more than music to soothe the savage beast this time.

ehh i dont get it

The Chicken Dance has since been banned in the United States and Canada after being linked to bird flu.

HAHAHA!! When I was looking at your work the other day, I should have known this was going to print here!

Conga Conga Congrats, Jubs!

Peter Jackson made a shirt like this once, but it was a lot longer.


aw crap…woot collects sales tax in washington state now?? carp!!!

The music is not quite a conga…more of a rhumba.

It’s a Conga line
It’s King Kong

Thus, the play on words: King Konga Line

pno stands for piano. Hence we can guess that this is piano music.

King Kong-a line. Get it? Ha-ha.

Could he wear it as pants?

The first guy in line looks like he is not enjoying being that close to an apey arm pit.

Welcome to Matt Groening’s nightmare.

Welcome to woot ala

Piano. It means quiet.

I love the expression on Kong’s face. He looks angry, upset, and in time with the music all in one.