King Mattress Protection & Pillows

Is it safe to assume that the BedCare by National Allergy Mattress Protector is machine washable? It is 100% cotton, but the description does not give care instructions, nor do the specs.

Also, does this item completely encase the mattress - top, sides and bottom - or does it cover top and sides like a fitted sheet?

OK, when I zoom in on the box image, it says machine washable. But I’m still unclear as to the other question. It looks like it is like a fitted sheet - but I need to know for certain, as I plan to use it with a Cal King waterbed mattress, so wrapping the entire mattress in a protective sheath would be problematic. :slight_smile:

Judging by the 2nd pic, I think it’s like a mattress pad - fits over the bottom of the mattress with elastic edging.

I just received mine. It only covers the top and sides, but it does wrap around and cover about 4-6 inches under the mattress as well.