King of The Beasts

King of the Beasts link for later:

Oooh a new color!

meh black and white on gray = bad

I think I see pokemon. And squid. No thanks…

hehe, i love how wine.woot and shirt.woot match.

i’d buy this for a friend but im so broke from buying other shirts :[

Well this is fun. Too bad gray is one of the colors that I try not to wear.

It has a squid though… and a dinosaur… must… resist…

Woot seems to be back on their game. I never buy “artistic” stuff like this, but it’s really well done.

Dang, shame i cant stand heathered grey after seeing so many crummy white-trash like shirts that would always use it or white.

Weird, especially on heather.

pretty freakin sweet design, but bland execution with the gray T :frowning:

I like this more realizing it’s a bunch of animals making up Elvis’s head

I like it more still because Elvis looks like a zombie.

But I do not like it enough to buy.

This might be the week I pick up Cool Breeze, if Luggage doesn’t stay in the fog

Elvis…It looked like a heart.

Cool design. Kind of a modern day Noah’s Ark

Is that the eels tail, or the whales wee wee?

Looks more like a human heart…or animal

Well done design, but taken as a whole it looks like Elvis’ head is decomposing and I.just.can’t. Nice drawing though.

I’m glad to buy this- it’s my first heather gray Shirt.Woot purchase. It’s a very clever design, and I’d love to see more designs from this artist here!

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I like hidden picture type stuff. But I’m going to skip this one.