King Size Memory Foam Mattress with Ventilation System

One thing I have problems with memory foam is that when it gets cold in the room, the foam hardens. It warms up once you lay on it, but for that time being it is really really hard and cold.

I’m not sure about the branding on this, but last year I bought a generic king size memory foam from BJ’s for $750 (which was a steal). As someone who sleeps exclusively on their side, has had back problems, and problems with arms/legs falling asleep throughout the course of the night, I can say that the combination of a mattress of this type and a body pillow has drastically improved my sleep.

whats the difference between a california king and eastern king mattress?

Eastern King mattresses are wider, California kings are longer.

Eastern (Standard) King Size Mattress: 76 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Western (California) King Size Mattress: 72 inches wide x 84 inches long.

California is $30 less at overstock with a 4.6 average review and more info.

Interestingly enough the Eastern is $539.

Is there a brand for this?

Think its in the description. Cali = 4" longer than regular King, Eastern = 4" wider

Should be interesting to see how it ships. The blog indicates it is compressed to begin with, so I wonder what the initial, shipping, size is. I guess I’ll see…

oooo thanks

It seems like it would be a pain to get fitted sheets for?

I’ve never heard of an eastern king before.

Pretty good reviews over at Overstock (1 whiner), It says the thing ships at 1/3 the uncompressed size, so should be relatively easy to handle.

Eastern king is a KING size bed. California king is just longer not wider. The king size bed we all have come to know(eastern king) is just wider… Sleeps two very comfortably…

I have a memory foam for about 6 months now. While it is warmer to sleep on, I have noticed my back ache is gone. Also, my significant other says she doesn’t feel me toss or turn as much as it does not transfer motion. These beds come rolled up like fruit rollup. You cut the straps and watch the sucker unfold and inflate. There is a god awful smell associated with it as they use some type of chemicle to vacuum seal / pack these mattresses. The smell goes away within hours though.

The mattress I have is 10 inch – 8 inch of mattress, and 2 inch of foam. Everyone who lays on it has said its comfortable and when my sister was house sitting she complemented the bed. It does take a week or so to get use to sleeping on. From what Ive read is its the memory foam breaking in. The first night was uncomfortable to me.

Hope this helps.

Just buy normal sheets.

The package will say KING or California King…

KING = Eastern King

California King = harder to find sheets for, but they are available.

I ordered a 4 1/2 inch mattress topper from Overstock. It was essentially folded in half and rolled up like a swiss roll. It was held that way with a plastic sheeting like they wrap pallets with for shipping (think saran wrap). I love the thing too. I really hate to get out of bed in the morning. It does get a tad warm in the summer, but mine is a solid chunk of foam. Something about the foam soaks up the heat and hangs onto it. And it truly does reek of chemicals for about a week. You will definitely need to let it air out for a while in a spare room. Expect it to weigh a fair amount too. It came in a surprisingly small box, but it was way heavier than it looked.

Seems to be the Sarah Peyton mattress. Though I’m not sure the parent company.

As I posted on regular woot:

My 2 cents: I have a Tempurpedic mattress. While I do notice that it retains slightly more warmth than a regular spring matttess, it doesn’t get uncomfortable. And I tend to be pretty warm most of the time, so I give it a big thumbs up in that regard. I recall the first time I slept on it, I fell asleep and awoke about 9 hours later in the exact same position. Needless to say, it was comfortable. If I were mattress shopping, I’d be giving this one a shot.

How different is sex with these mattresses? has this mattress for $100.00 less!!

You sink in a lot further.