King-Sized Bedding

I bought the 1000TC sheets in gray last time they were offered. OMG these are the greatest sheets that have ever EVER caressed my sleeping body. I loves them soooo!

Does anyone else see “2 Sizes” on the main screen for some of them, but no drop-down on the product page? I was really hoping they would be King and Cal-King.

Come on! How about some deep pocket king sheets!! 21+"!! I’ve bought and returned more sets labeled 17" than I can count. If each corner doesn’t at least reach the bottom of the corner, if by stretching the bejesus out of it, IT DOESN’T FIT!

That would be a whoopsie on our part. We’ve offered 2 sizes in the past on these but seem to have sold out of one size. We didn’t make the change when we cloned the sale.

Our bad. I’ve asked for fixes.

Beware the percale sheets! I bought two sets last time they were offered, and while the plum ones are going strong, the light blue ones ripped after the first wash and have gained new rips with every use since. Just stepping onto the mattress led to a huge rip behind my heel at one point. I don’t know why the plum ones are fine and the light blue ones are so weak, but there’s a definite HUGE difference in durability.

are the 600 TC cotton sheets called “Hotel Luxe” brand? I bought some the last time and they were great. I would like to get more. So, do you powers that be at Woot have access to this product to tell if it’s the same brand?