KingCamp Portable Pop Up Privacy Shelter

KingCamp Portable Pop Up Privacy Shelter

Lol $32 on Woot not even trying.

$21.52 and much better reviews and a #1 seller on Amazon in the category… Spoiler alert, it sold for under $14 back in May.

Woot needs to just stop offering 500 bad product at 499 bad price and start focusing on offering some actual deals. How are people supposed to trust a seller who clearly doesn’t care if what they’re selling is a deal on a website built around deals? Guess they should change their slogan from “deals and shenanigans” to “shenanigans and a deal a week maybe”


Keep in mind that the product you referenced is a different product. Yes it basically does the same thing, but it is different.

A few things:

  • the base on the Woot listing is 47" square, the other is 36" square. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s 16 square feet compared to 9 square feet (at the base).
  • the height on the Woot listing is 75", the other is 69".
  • the Woot listing comes with a floor mat, the other doesn’t

Based on the ASIN of the Woot listing, this product sells on Amazon for $39.99


True, however, if you don’t have Prime it is $32 plus $5 plus tax on woot which is roughly $40. Or you can buy it on Amazon for $40 it has free shipping and no tax.

No rush to buy on woot as it’s not a deal it’s an everyday price.

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