Kings Skivvies

The girl with her legs crossed looks about like what my daughter considers fully dressed.

Anyone on here already buy the men’s briefs? I was wondering about the sizing. Their medium is 30, usually it’s 32, but it depends on how they are made. Don’t want to end up with tight undies.

No boxer briefs?

Bought the V Neck undershirts last time, great quality, large for me was a good fit. Compared to other brands where the large is Very large, so you could say these run small. Also the V Neck is not very deep.

I have a 34" waist. Should I go with large or medium?

The pics show boxer briefs but none to but none to buy :frowning:

are the boxers woven or knit?

If you are a skinny 34 I would say medium otherwise the large

Chinese-made tank tops that “normally” sell for $14.50 a piece?

People really will buy anything.

You can get 6 Hanes for the “sale” price of one of these at Wal*Mart any day of the week. And you’ll be in the perfect locale for a tank top to boot.


I’d have to get touchy feely with this shirt to know for sure, but I’m no longer satisfied with Hanes undershirts. I’ve been buying Apt 9 vnecks, and they’re so much softer on the skin.

I guess it comes down to whether or not $2 is worth less comfort. The Apt 9 shirts are listed at like $18, but I’ve never seen them actually selling for more than $10/each.