Kingston 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM Kit

I am a little confused, why would anyone buy this over a G.SKILL 16gb set on newegg or amazon? It’s the same price, only not on woot.

yep, what he said^^

Not much of a deal. Can get from multiple places for $99+free shipping.

lol came here to echo what the others have already said…not seeing a great deal here either :frowning:

Here is everything technical you could want from Kingston

Spec Sheet

also closest price would be for the same thing at $99 with free shiping.

16 gb does not cost this much you can pick it up for $50 at a local Fry’s.

Will this work for the iMac?

Probabaly not.

2x8gb of ram for $70 from Newegg if anyone’s interested. It’s 1333 but the difference between that and 1600 is essentially unnoticeable.

o: Not sure if this is ‘high performance’ RAM, but just want to highlight that airflow is important in computers. You might have a water cooling system that keeps everything and its mother(board) cool, but if you leave the RAM without any cooling, it’ll kill hardware.

So, don’t keep your computer in a cupboard or somewhere similar. My job has some of their computers tucked away behind a closed door in a cupboard, and they wonder why the darned thing is so slow…

If you’re looking for any sort of RAM for an off-the-shelf computer, use this website Selector feature.

Not to take business away from the company, but if you have a storebought computer, this website has lists of everything (including apple products) and can narrow down what memory you need for the machine, and how much it can hold as a maximum.

If you built your machine yourself, chances are you already know what you need.

No. The iMac uses 204-pin laptop DIMMs. I think these will work in the current-generation Mac Pro, but don’t quote me on that.

Not a terribly good deal. Samsung’s low profile stuff can easily be set to 2.3ghz effective if you bump it to 1.5v.

This is the biggest load of tripe I’ve read on here in a while.

The heatspreaders on RAM are honestly mostly decorative, though they do have some application if you are overvolting in order to increase the multiplier. These can safely be set to a core clock of 1333mhz, perhaps even higher without much adjustment.

I’m doubting you’ve even touched water cooling, ever. The T-junction max on most components is typically boiling point, and the suggestion that your computer is going to appreciably “slow down” due to your memory being 40 degrees is specious at best.

I was more talking about overall computer components being too hot, not just memory. Keep your junk cool is always a good idea, that’s what I was going for, though hardware in itself takes little more than an awkward blink to cause a failure sometimes.

I don’t profess to know everything about computers, in fact I know rather little.

And, yes, I did touch water cooling. I’ve got a Zalman Reserator XT on my desktop to keep it cool and quiet.

damn, thought this would double up nicely and get me to 32gb cheaply but…it’s not much cheaper than what I wanted and picked out specifically. Unless it gets considerably cheaper…I’d rather have my preference for a few dollars more.

Oh well. maybe when it hits sellout? lol, oh wait, I won’t need RAM by then.

This is a place I buy memory for my PC’s. They sell RAM for MAC, and have a Apple | Memory & SSD Upgrades |
tool to scan your computer.

I can’t remember what I came here to write.

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At least you’re not here to use big words and get into an argument with other members about the merits of water-cooled computers! :slight_smile: