Kingston 16GB Data Traveler Mini Slim USB Flash Drive

Love the face

Wouldn’t you be afraid of losing it? It’s almost at the same level as microSD cards and the only reason I don’t worry about those is that they’re always inside my devices.

looks good

thats a lot of memory for a flashdrive… but looks like id lose it pass…

So much information and so tiny. This would get past the cavity search every time!

This is actually a great deal.

Who could turn this down.

wth… it sold out as I was checking out… grrr

sold out already?

what a tease.

I need an automatic hose reel woot, have one extra laying around?

extremely SLOW outdated drive

uff that one went fast!

Only 5, lame.

no mention of USB 2.O Hmmm!

How much did they sell these for? Really just $5?

woot = fail - they sent me 3gb ddr3 1600mhz triple channel.

BUT, I must say that they were prompt to fix the problem, and I’m pretty sure they are letting me keep both! Yay!

Here is the new 32 flash drive from Kingston.

cheap kingston 16gb Data Traveler in here ,you will be amazing.