Kingston 1GB Micro SD Card & USB Reader

I’d buy three just because, but it’s moving fast enough

What’s the size limit on the reader?

This could come in handy, got the 2gb cards last week i think.
in for 1

Wow what a rip off, i paid 7 for a 2 gb Micro, Dongle and a SD adapter. poor woot

Combined with the 2 for 1 SD card and adapter deal from last week or so, this works for me. I got three.

Glad I’m working midnights tonight…

I agree… i would buy this had I not had the Nokia N95 =P Plus, the PS3 has its own SD slot… so… yeah… sorry, nnoooo =/

Aww, come on y’all… it will read higher gig cards later down the line…

Get 3! Even in TX w/tax it was less than $19 for 3…

That’s a deal.

Woe is me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I bought one so I can take superfluous pictures with my camera phone now. Woo!

woot that guy’s hat

oh crap - I wish I had just got 3 - it WOULD have been better price wise - shoot me in the face!


Dear Woot I need a BOC right now so I can go to bed and make some money to buy more wOOts.

ugh… thump!

Meh what the hell, I’m in for one lol

It’s audi like five g’s…

$5.66/ea for 3, eh?
neweggcome close to matching this
$5.68/ea shipped

you just have to buy this 25-pack

Nice little reader but 1 gig makes it not worth the trouble. Bring on the Bag-O-Carp.

I already got these in the mail today!

That was almost as quick as that B-0_c getting sold out.

(EDIT: The sd card reader keychains)

I got a tracking # today.